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Plans for GSA include Mega Sporting Events

Members of the GSA will hit the road this spring starting with a number of mega events in February. The schedule will include a visit to Las Vegas as GSA members will work the NFL Pro Bowl Games with the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority. "We are so excited to have a schedule planned out for our GSA Members. It will be great to work the events and networking with professionals in the sports and entertainment industry" says GSA Faculty Rep Aaron Tuioti-Mariner.

“The experience alone will be an amazing opportunity to gain professional experience with a Mega Event like the NFL Combine, NFL Draft and Formula 1. I’m so excited for GSA to be involved in these events. It’s a GAME CHANGER” says Tuioti-Mariner.

GSA has a number of events planned including a major professional development event with the Denver Broncos in March. “The Denver Broncos DEI Career Huddle and Broncos Academy is one event that I’m very excited about. I’ve been working with the Broncos organization for a year now to make this happen for GSA and students at Adams State University. It will be exciting for our attendees to meet personally with managers and executives from the Broncos Organization.”

Also in March, Professor Tuioti-Mariner will be taking a group of GSA members to Indianapolis for the NFL Combine and Football Conference. “The NFL Combine and Football Conference will also be very exciting for GSA. From the conference, members will be able to learn from executives and professionals in the NFL about breaking into the industry. They’ll also get an inside look at the combine and see first hand how teams evaluate the NFL prospects. It will be exciting to see," says Tuioti-Mariner.

There are many other events on the calendar that GSA will be involved with throughout the year. Look out for an exciting year of growth as GSA will be connecting with various sport organizations in 2023

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